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The ORIGINAL PRAGUE SYNCOPATED ORCHESTRA is a Czech professional ensemble focused on 1920's American jazz, blues and hot dance music. ​It is considered to be one of the most stylistically pure and artistically convincing ensembles of its kind. ​Thanks to the use of historical instruments, forgotten playing techniques and sophisticated arrangements, the sound of the orchestra is both uniquely authentic and original at the same time.​ The orchestra was found in 1974 by Pavel Klikar - trumpet player, musicologist & expert in this genre. 

Michael Chomiszak · trumpet
Jan Pospíšil ·  saxophones, clarinet
Vojtěch Pospíšil ·  saxophones, clarinet
Matěj Šmíd ·  trombone / vocal
Antonín Dlapa ·  banjo / guitar

tomáš mika  ·  banjo 
Jan Brabec  ·  banjo
Pavel Jurečka · sousaphone, doublebass
jiří Gilík · piano
iva blažková · piano
alice bauer · vocal

​*The Orchestra performs usually in a 6 to 9 person line-up based on options of a client.

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